Paws for a Cause: Smiling Blue Skies Canine Cancer Fundraiser
Cassie's Bio


Cassie was born June 9, 1999 and during her 4 short years with us, she brought joy and love not only to our family but to many.  Cassie was a quiet, calm and very loving dog.  Because of her loving gentle disposition, at the age of one, she became a pet therapy dog for the Hamilton/Burlington SPCA and worked at many hospitals and nursing homes in the area.  She gave love to many patients and brought smiles and laughter to them.  She was a sweetheart to all.  At the age of 3, she was diagnosed with lymphosarcoma, a non-curable cancer.  She began chemotherapy and for 14 months fought a great battle and had a good quality of life.  However, on October 31st, 2003, she lost her battle.  She is greatly missed by many and always in our hearts.  During her short time here, she touched many and her loss will change our lives forever.

Cassie's Photo Gallery

Cassie & MichelleCassie & her family, Muffy and Nicki

Bogey & Cassie Cassie in the great white north

Cassie & Bogey Cassie at the cottage

Cassie at school Cassie at the farm

Puppy Cassie


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